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ALL DANCE SUPPLIES ARE AVAILABLE AT OUR DANCE SHOP, WHICH IS CONVENIENTLY LOCATED AT THE STUDIO. It is essential that proper dance apparel be worn to all dance and gymnastic classes. This is important so that the instructor can observe body movements and make the necessary technical corrections.


DANCEWEAR MUST BE WORN TO ALL CLASSES, INCLUDING GYMNASTICS. The following is a list of dancewear that may be worn to class.

  • Leotard

  • Tights

  • Dance pants

  • Dance camisoles

  • Dance shorts with tights underneath

  • Dance skirts

  • Dance wraps, sweaters or shrugs

  • Leg warmers

No outside streetwear will be accepted. This list is the only acceptable apparel to be worn to dance or gymnastic class.

- All hair should be pulled back neatly, preferably in a ponytail or bun.
- Boys may wear shorts and a t-shirt/tank-top or sweats.
- No jewelry, please.
- Proper shoes must be worn to all classes. Your child will not be permitted in 
class without proper dance shoes.

Mommy & Me: White tyette tap shoes (capezio or Danshuz) & pink or white ballet shoes.

Combination Class: Revolution Dk. Suntan Buckle Tap Shoes or Capezio style 356C color carmel (no black) & Pink or white Ballet Shoes (no black).

All 1⁄2 hour tap classes: Black Revolution oxford shoes are required for all 1⁄2 hour tap classes.

Jazz: Capezio suntan foot undies or Capezio lifeknit foot undies for all jazz classes will be required for the recital. You may wear jazz shoes or jazz boots for class.

Ballet: Pink ballet shoes with elastic attached. Split-sole ballet slippers are recommended. Capezio, brand shoes are highly recommended. Other vendor’s shoes are very inflexible and are not recommended.

Gymnastics: No shoes or socks.

Hip Hop: Capezio hip hop sneakers are required for all hip hop classes. Style # DS11 black

Outside sneakers are not permitted in the dance rooms.


Lyrical: Capezio Suntan foot undies or lifeknit foot undies.

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