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What makes Borelli's Dance Gallery so special?...

Our Story


For many years, Borelli's Dance Gallery was only a dream. The two of us began dancing at the age of three at a local dance school, and from the start dreamed of one day being dance teachers. Growing up, we’ve claimed regional and national titles at pageant and dance competitions. We’ve both had experience coaching the Seton-LaSalle dance team, the Rebelettes, as well as starting our own dance group, Physical Attraction. Over the years, Dana was a cheerleader for the Pittsburgh Maulers football team. She also received her degree in dance from Point Park University. Pamela toured Austria and Germany with the Pittsburgh Ballet Opera Theatre. We’ve performed all over the greater Pittsburgh area, filmed for MTV music videos, and served as local entertainment for parties, clubs, weddings, and more.










Not much longer, in 1991, that original dream became a reality as we opened our doors to our first studio in Mt. Lebanon, PA. We started without a single student, but with plenty of support from our family. We humbly built our company from the ground up, making lots of new friendships along the way. After lots of local appearances, plenty of advertising, and our positive reputation in the community, we soon became one of the fastest growing and most exciting dance studios in the Pittsburgh Area. Our dance company and teaching staff quickly grew, as did word of the studio.





Due to much success, we expanded to our new state-of-the-art facility located in Bethel Park, PA. We have six spacious dance studios, a fully equipped gymnastics room, dance boutique, snack shop, waiting area, and over twenty staff members all under the roof of our current space. Our students today have maintained our honorable reputation in Pittsburgh as both regional and national champions.




At Borelli's Dance Gallery, our program is designed to work technique, coordination, flexibility and grace. Emphasis is placed on self-esteem, teamwork, poise and confidence building in order for our students to grow not only as dancers, but also as young ladies and gentlemen. Our classes combine both physical and social skills while providing a fun and memorable experience for all ages. Students in our program receive professional training from the finest instructors in the field who work hard to provide as much individual attention as possible. Each instructor is highly qualified, enthusiastic and absolutely loves to teach! We believe that a dance teacher has the potential to make a lasting and meaningful impact on a student's life -- that's why our instructors are people that we believe are the best role models around and will make the most positive influences on our students. We hope that after time at Borelli's, our students have learned to be leaders themselves -- as role models to our younger dancers.  Our goal has always been to make our team a family and our studio a home. We believe that this mission of ours is the reason that we've seen this studio bring so many friendships together, and it is why we love our job the most.






At Borelli’s Dance Gallery, we hope you can see that we want our students to gain much more than just a dance education, but rather lifelong friends, a dance family, and a studio to call home. We believe that "Once a Borelli, Always a Borelli." The BDG team is a lifelong membership; after graduation, our students maintain relationships with dance friends. BDG alumni stay in touch with the studio by either visiting, coming back to teach, or even by enrolling the next generation of their family in dance classes. We believe that the qualities of teamwork we teach our students contribute to these lasting relationships. We want to show that being part of a team is just as much about trust, dedication, and loyalty as it is about being successful, and we are proud to present to you our studio that encompasses all of those qualities. We believe that it is our story that sets us apart from any other studio in Pittsburgh -- the mark we've made, how far we've come, and just how much further we have yet to go. 













We are beyond excited to be reaching a huge milestone this year as we celebrate our 27th year in the business. We would not be here if it was not for the love and support of our family, friends, and the continued commitment from all of our staff, dancers and their families. BDG is a huge part of our hearts, which is why we will always dedicate ourselves to making our studio the best it can be! Borelli's Dance Gallery officially opened it's doors in 1991, but the true spirit of BDG began much, much earlier. 


Dana Borelli Pecarchik and Pamela Borelli Barsotti

Owners and Artistic Directors of Borelli’s Dance Gallery

Through the years...

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